OpenDNS? Google DNS? Comcast? Surprising Results.

I’ve been a long time OpenDNS user (hardcoded in my router), but after installing a new router, I decided to run some tests before reconfiguring its DNS settings.  The results – using Google’s own Namebench tool – were surprising.

DNS benchmarks

Comcast wins!  (note: resolves to  It is faster than UltraDNS, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.   Surprise, surprise … I guess I don’t have to reconfigure my router after all.

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  1. Zoli, the differences between comcast and opendns would not be perceptible to you, and with OpenDNS, you get all of the benefits of our service. And… You aren't comparing apples to apples when comparing us to Comcast, they are vastly different DNS services. But I think I've tried to explain this to you before… 🙂

    • And indeed, I've been a faithful user for years. But if I don't use (never did) any of the enhanced features, then isn't it all about speed?

      Thanks 🙂

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