Crippled Cessna Lands Safely in LA

This 2-person Cessna developed landing gear trouble, and was shown live on all the major news channels while circling to burn off fuel.  They tracked the plane by news helicopters as well as ground crew.. obviously this is not a scripted scene, but a potential disaster situation.  The CNN video below shows the last few minutes of what turned out to be a very successful emergency landing.


Steve Jobs Panic – the Anatomy of Fake News on Twitter

I often praised Twitter for being first reporting breaking news – typical examples were several recent earthquakes in Japan, China, New Zealand…etc.

This morning’s news brought panic, as hundreds of Tweets reported:

Steve Jobs was rushed to ER after severe heart attack.

AAPL took a nosedive, then recovered.

Fortunately the news turned out to be bogus. Citizen journalism failed today.

Read the full chronology over @ CloudAve.

(Oh, and while at it, you may want to grab the CloudAve feed. Thank you.)