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P.S. Ah, that FTC disclosure.. I did some business with the Queen .. way back. smile_wink


Youtube Brings Back Memories – Queen in Budapest

I recently said in my Tiananmen post that Youtube allowed me to see parts of history that I missed in original, back in 1989. Well, here’s another one that has nostalgic value to me from 1986 in Budapest, Hungary:

(Watch the video on Youtube should the embedded player not work)The “weird” language is Hungarian, and Freddie Mercury is singing a Hungarian Folklore song. In 1986 the Queen performed in front of 80,000 people in a crowded stadium in Budapest. They also shot a full feature movie, “Queen Live in Budapest” featured the band members taking day trips into the country, including race-car driving, hot-air balloons, visits to the Royal Castle, Freddie buying up half the inventory in all the city’s antique shops…

I was a student then, moonlighting as translator for several bands visiting “behind the iron curtain”. Too bad my assignment was John Deacon who spent most of his time in his room… My friend, Gabor had a lot more fun taking Freddie to all those places, and teaching him “Tavaszi Szel”, the folklore song in the clip above. He had the English pronunciation of the lyrics scribed on his palm.Here’s another 6-minute video providing some background on the Queens tour in Budapest. (Hm, it says 72k people … all I know is the stadium’s capacity was 80k, tickets sold out long in advance, and lots of people got in with guest passes .. or without).

Update (9/27/07): For whatever reason this lil’ post got picked up by and is now getting hundreds of readers. Funny… readers are asking “where’s John?”. Here’s a little piece of the video showing him in Budapest, outside Hotel Intercontinental ( I think it’s a Marriott today).

The guy sitting at the table, facing John, with his back to the camera is yours truly … my 3 seconds of fame smile_wink