Out of Left Field: Vmware Acquires Sliderocket

sliderocket logoQuick initial reaction: scratching head.

Vmware recently shook up the Cloud Computing world with the launch of Cloud Foundry and I think most of us would have pegged them as an infrastructure company.  Then all of a sudden they buy Sliderocket, the great collaborative presentations company.  Why is this a big deal?  Probably not for the $ value, but it may show Vmware’s intentions of getting in the Cloud Apps business big time.

After all, they already have an almost forgotten asset, Zimbra.  Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Zoho … watch out! Smile

P.S.  I guess the phones are ringing at Vmware, with every single Cloud App startup trying to get bought…

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VMWare – My Missed Fortune?

Oh, this hurts. I’m looking at the skyrocketing VMware chart, close to doubling today’s IPO price. Somewhat reminds me of when I wouldn’t touch the Google IPO at the “already high” $85 IPO pricesmile_sad.

But VMWare is my big blunder in another way… back in January 2001, fresh out of the SAP world I was solicited for a Management position in the then 120-person startup. Being the application guy, I did not get excited in this virtualization thingie. Ouch… was that my fortune I will never have?

Oh, well, it’s nothing compared to Guy Kawasaki supposedly turning down the Yahoo CEO position in the early days… OK, I’m just renting, for real info, read: Between the Lines, The Register, Epicenter, PC World , Reuters, Paul Kedrosky,