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MSN’s Apple-free Virtual Earth

Lot of buzz about MSN’s Virtual Earth today … Jeremy Wright gives it the thumbs up over Google Maps  – althought I think it’s a bit of unfair comparison, Google Earth is certainly a more comparable product.

Isn’t it funny how the whole world talks about these two only, Google and MS, when there’s another very similar product downloadable from none other but the NASA?  (hm.. does it say something about the difference between Government and Private sector?)

As I wrote before, Patrick was the first one to publish a four-way visual comparison.

There may be more in the name than we thought … “Virtual Earth” meaning “the Earth as Microsoft would like to see it”  – some folks report to The  Register that Microsoft’s Earth Deleted Apple HQ.
Take a look at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters from Google and MSN’s rival map sites. Both sites offer aerial photos alongside maps. MSN’s version is here and Google’s is here.

The Search is on … who else did not make it to Bill’s New World?

The Register also notes that the twin towers of the World Trade Center are still there in  all their pre-9/11 glory.

Update at 11:10am, 7/25: now we know who else did not make it. “Hey, Sun and Oracle are gone too, and at Google’s address, there’s just a charred hole” reports 

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