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Yahoo Switching to Low-fat Peanut Butter?

TechCrunch seems to know that Yahoo is switching to low-fat  peanut-butter this afternoon, in a company-wide webcast.  The trimming is expected to be about 20%, and starts at the top…

Quiz: what’s wrong with my peanut-butter metaphor?

(Answer: peanut oil is one of the good fats, unlike Yahoo, you don’t want to reduce it…)

Update (11/5):  If you read this post before and clicking on the above link took you to a 404 error page – my apologies.  Apparently TechCrunch did the absolute no-no by deleting their original post and replacing it with a new one.

Update (11/5):  TechCrunch has a new summary post here, COO Dan Rosensweig is leaving.

Update (11/6):  I may have been wrong about that low-fat peanut-butter: Good Mornign Silicon Valley thinks Yahoo added some chocolate to the peanut butter. That would be … Nutella?

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