A Dead PC is a Safe PC – says Microsoft

Microsoft appears to think the safest PC is one you don’t access at all…

CNET reports Critical Windows patch may wreak PC havoc

Installing the patch can cause serious problems, Microsoft said in an advisory posted to its Web site Friday. The patch could lock users out of their PC, prevent the Windows Firewall from starting, block certain applications from running or installing, and empty the network connections folder, among other things, the software maker said.

But wait, here comes the best part: 
Even if users experience PC trouble after installing the patch, they will still be protected against any attack exploiting the Windows flaw, a Microsoft representative said. “

Let me get this straight: I get locked out of my PC, and I’ll be safe from attacks.  (???)

I have a few better ideas:

  • How about not even turning on the PC?
  • Or not even buying one?  Shouldn’t that be the safest option?


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  1. after I installed an MS patch last year on one of my PCs last eyar, I had to completely re-start – re-format the hard drive and all. The manufacturer after the second attempt told me NOT to install any more MS patches. I asked the technician if that was formal policy. He told me they would never publicly acknowledge it but that is advice they were giving on an individual basis. The MS quality issues are pretty serious…

  2. ” they would never publicly acknowledge it but that is advice they were giving on an individual basis” – exactly mu story with a Vaio 3 years ago:-(

    I want a thin client soooo baaaad 🙂

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