YAHOO Becoming (del.icio.usly) Cool Again

Deliciouslogo200 just got acquired by Yahoo!, as reported by TechCrunch.  Wow!  Seemingly left in the dust by Google, Yahoo! is step-by-step becoming a cool company again:

  • Yahoo Mail Beta is comparable or better than Gmail (disclaimer: I’m still with Gmail)
  • Yahoo Maps Beta is probably better than Google Maps (again, I deserted to Google, and still am there, but who knows)
  • Yahoo picked up Flickr, which really should have gone to Google, if for no better reason just to be integrated with Picasa
  • Yahoo 360 isn’t that bad either ….
  • …and now

Something’s brewing at Yahoo!

P.S.  Is it now officially Yahoo 2.0?  Or Yah-tooo-ohhh! ?  🙂

Update (12/09):  This appears to be the ONLY subject in the blogosphere:

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