Space-Age Cell Phone

NokirolaMy next cellphone will be  a Motorkia … don’t rush to order yet…. it’s dreamt up by a bunch of VC’s interviewed by Techcomm, The National Journal of Technology Commercialization.  Click the photo for details.

I wonder about the name though.. clearly the authors are thinking of Motorola+ Nokia … but have they realized Motorkia actually refers to Kia Motors?  Is that the right image for this Swiss-Army-Knife-Phone?   Even Motokia would have been better … although my favorite is Nokirola.

P.S.  I wonder what Steve Shu thinks about this…

Update (2/16):  OM shows a few cool phones in Revenge Of Windows Mobile  but hey, they are not as hot as the Nokirola

Update (2/16): Sanyo and Nokia creating joint venture… hm… Sakia?  Nonyo?

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