The Solution to your GDS Problem is CDS

I can’t believe it: Google Desktop Search cannot track changes when you move files from a directory to another.  That means the more you use your computer, the more your index will be out of sync. Perhaps that’s why they did not name it Desktop Find, because it only searches, does not find!

The recommended solution: uninstall GDS, then install it again…then wait a few hours for the complete reindex.   WTF?   The whole idea of an indexing program that I should  not even know about it .. .it should do its thing in the background, as if it wasn’t there at all. 

I have a better solution: get Copernic Desktop Search.  It does not steal your data, does not come with a bunch of additional bloatware, it only does one thing, but does it really well: find and serve up your data.  The screenshot below shows the powerful update options.

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