Bill Gates on LinkedIn – I’m the Deal Maker :-)

You don’t need Scoble to get hooked up with Bill Gates – just send me a LinkedIn Inmail, like this one I received: (sender’s name and other data removed):

On April 13, 2006, xxxxxxxx wrote:

  Dear Zoli, Please forward this to Bill.xxxx

xxxx xxxxx wants to reach Bill Gates and asks you to forward an Introduction to one of your trusted connections who can put xxxxx in touch with Bill. And the actual business proposal to Bill:


Message: Joint-Venture

Dear Bill,

I am xxxx xxxxx, CEO of xxxxx Corporation. We provide Software design services for .NET and Windows. Recently, We are losing our engineers to Microsoft, Redmond, WA office. Our Design centers are located in xxxxx.

I have a business proposal to setup joint-venture to establish a Microsoft Software design center with xxxxx. This will save you over 60% cost what you are paying in Redmond per engineer. Instead hiring engineers and moving them to WA. You have more engineers at less cost if you can employ them in xxxxx. xxxxx will provide all the Operation and design management.

As you know xxxxx has qualified .NET and Windows experienced engineers.

If you are interested. I would be happy to come to meet with you at your convinient time to discuss the details of the joint-venture deal.

I am looking forward to do business with you.

xxxxx Corporation.

Update (8/4/07): Bill Gates just face-slammed Robert 😉

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  1. Vinnie Mirchandani says

    Dear Zoli:

    When you get the mail which promised me the $ 20 miliion uncollected funds in the bank in Nigeria (or was it in xxx above?), please forward me hat one. I cannot seem to find my copy.

    PS – I tried to communicate to you through Linked_In but you would not respond. I understand you are now traveling in more exclusive circles.

    PPS; You think you can get to Bono via Bill?

  2. Zoli Erdos says


    I’ll be happy to forward, and being the nice guy I am, we don’t even have to split the $20M. A modest finders’ fee will do .. say $1K? 🙂

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