Can it get any Crazier? Bid for your Luck on eBay

If you don’t have a quarter of a million to buy a startup on eBay, you can always bid for good luck.  Your “luck provider” is very international, he is a member in Spain, but offers the service from Ireland (thankfully he does not charge for shipping).   Here’s what he promises:

“It’s very easy to be lucky:
Firstly: Bid now!
Secondly: When you have won the auction and sent the payment, write an email to [email protected] with your full name and city of residence and I will perform an enchantment that will bring luck to your life. In 2 week’s time you will see the difference.
Thirdly: After 2 weeks at most, send via Paypal the amount of money that you feel is right for the extra luck that you have had. (For lottery winnings, 10% is suggested).
You can also give a lucky strike as a present to someone you love!”

The bid is currently at €0.01, but it has ten days to go. 



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