post + Zoho: Another Step Towards Seamless On/Offline Computing

Well, we did not have to wait long: barely two weeks after Omnidrive   announced their integration with the Zoho online applications, competitor   followed suite: they now support online editing via Zoho Writer.  The result of the edit process will be saved back to your Box as a .doc file.

Box CEO  Aaron Levie assures me this is just the start of many future integration projects, which is great.  After all, it should not matter where a document starts its life: I should be able to access and work on it online or offline

I fully expect other services to join the camp:  For example, the better business-class wikis all handle document attachments, but to edit those docs you still need to download, edit, save, upload back up again – way too cumbersome, why not enable online editing?   And if you read Tim Barker’s comments to my writeup on Koral, you can expect this amazingly easy content collaboration system to offer online editing soon.


P.S. Aaron, I’m still waiting for that sync 


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    Two weeks back Zoho partnered with OmniDrive to provide online document editing right from the storage service. Yesterday, Aaron Levie from announced integration with Zoho Writer to open and edit your word documents in Zoho Writer. Aaron mentio…

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