Technorati Still Needs a White Knight

I’ve complained so much about Technorati‘s non-performance, it’s getting boring.”  – This is a quote from a post I wrote 9 month ago.  Nothing changed since then.   They keep on changing the humorous (?) error messages:

Doh! The Technorati Monster escaped again.

No, sorry guys, it’s not a Monster. Perhaps a Snail.  A Turtle at max.   

I recognize Technorati for being innovators in the Blogosphere,  and I prefer using it for the features.  But there is one “feature” where Google Blog Search wins: it works.  All the time.   Technorati is dead more often than not, and even when it’s “alive”, it’s barely crawling.

Technorati is clearly an IP company ( a damned good at that) that cannot cope with the infrastructure requirements of the growing Blogosphere.  Isn’t there a White Knight out there that would acquire them and save us all from this slow suffocation?

Update: Wow, quite a coincidence:  Read/WriteWeb is discussing Technorati’s exit options today. 



  1. Anonymous says

    May I suggest another site that does blog search well:

    Granted, a mere 25,000 blogs. But they’re all hand-picked, so it’s a nice alternative when Technorati croaks.

  2. Anonymous says

    It is a very good service but I blame all the Technorati widgets on all the blogs out there 🙂 Everytime those pages get loaded it creates loads on Technorati’s infrastructure even though no one directly triggered a search.

  3. Anonymous says

    But isn’t that a vicious circle? We like Technorati for their innovation, which includes widgets and more… that in turn is killing them. They can’t win this race on the infrastructure side – they can win though on the innovation side. IP companies do get but by those who are less innovative but can invest in enough iron 🙂

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