Two-Word Strategy for the Math-Challenged

Small Business Trends interviews Gary Harpst, CEO and founder of Six Disciplines, LLC on his two-word business strategy.  The interview starts with a few examples:

Gary Harpst: Examples of a two-word strategy statement might include:

  • Hot Donuts (Krispy Kreme)
  • Computers Direct (Dell)
  • Quick Automotive Service (Jiffy Lube)

Excuse me?  Which word is Jiffy Lube supposed to drop to get down to two? Question



  1. Anonymous says

    Zoli, later he points out in a parenthetical that if not two words, then at least two succinct thoughts. That’s close enough for me. The reason I wrote about it is for the main point: to clarify thinking about the business one is in.



  2. Anonymous says

    Anita, of course I got the point, and agree, the ability to define what you’re all about in a few words is critical. Still, this not being a random sample, I found it ironic that he did not pick “perfect” two-word strategies.

  3. Anonymous says

    I imagine the notion of a two-word strategy would help a lot of businesses focus their energy more effectively. I wonder how that would scale up to a conglomerate level though? At the highest level, the strategy would have to be “create shareholder value,” with proper two-word strategies existing at the divisional level. Either way, interesting thought experiments…

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