TiEcon 2007: “The New Face of Entrepreneurship” is a 13-year old CEO

I’m at TiEcon 2007, this may very well be the only conference that started on time: at 8:45 sharply. This took most participants by surprise, still busy getting breakfast outside.  But before we know, Kaval Kaur, co-Founder of Virsa, a company acquired by enterprise software giant SAP is up on stage.  She is a dynamic speaker, and a perfect inspiration for entrepreneurs or entrepreneur-wannabes in the crowd. 

But … what’s happening?  She is interrupted by a kid with a microphone in hand.

“Hi – are you looking for your parents?

No. I’m looking for funding.”  

The “kid” turns out to be Anshul Samar, 13-year old CEO of Elementeo, a battle-game of .. chemical elements.  (Gee, I barely knew what chemistry was at his age).  Anshul looks like a 13-year old, but speaks like an adult. He knows what he wants: the goal is to achieve $1M in revenue by the time he finishes high middle school, which is next year.  Watch out Ben Casnocha, you’re record is about to be broken!smile_wink.  Elementeo is an exhibitor at TiEcon, they have a booth, and will attend the Entrepreneurs Bazaar.  Something tells me they will soon be funded….

TiEcon 2007 barely started, but in the first 20 minutes it made an impact.  A great start… now on to Tim O’Reilly and a list of distinguished speakers.

Update (5/18): I’m not the only one who found Anshul the highlight of TiEcon: read VentureBeat:  Elementeo’s 13-year-old CEO, highlight of TiECON.

TiEcon has uploaded a video interview with Anshul.



  1. Anonymous says

    Just a minor correction, Zoli. He is a 7th grader and would be finishing middle school next year (and not high school)

  2. Anonymous says

    Ouch.. thanks for catching it!

  3. Anonymous says

    More and more young people are giving new face to entrepreneurship. Media, the Internet, and marketing has reached out extensively nowadays – even to the youth Maybe those factors, combined with fresh ideas and drive to succeed in marketing has inspired young people to engage in business.

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