TiEcon 2007: “The New Face of Entrepreneurship” is a 13-year old CEO

I’m at TiEcon 2007, this may very well be the only conference that started on time: at 8:45 sharply. This took most participants by surprise, still busy getting breakfast outside.  But before we know, Kaval Kaur, co-Founder of Virsa, a company acquired by enterprise software giant SAP is up on stage.  She is a dynamic speaker, and a perfect inspiration for entrepreneurs or entrepreneur-wannabes in the crowd. 

But … what’s happening?  She is interrupted by a kid with a microphone in hand.

“Hi – are you looking for your parents?

No. I’m looking for funding.”  

The “kid” turns out to be Anshul Samar, 13-year old CEO of Elementeo, a battle-game of .. chemical elements.  (Gee, I barely knew what chemistry was at his age).  Anshul looks like a 13-year old, but speaks like an adult. He knows what he wants: the goal is to achieve $1M in revenue by the time he finishes high middle school, which is next year.  Watch out Ben Casnocha, you’re record is about to be broken!smile_wink.  Elementeo is an exhibitor at TiEcon, they have a booth, and will attend the Entrepreneurs Bazaar.  Something tells me they will soon be funded….

TiEcon 2007 barely started, but in the first 20 minutes it made an impact.  A great start… now on to Tim O’Reilly and a list of distinguished speakers.

Update (5/18): I’m not the only one who found Anshul the highlight of TiEcon: read VentureBeat:  Elementeo’s 13-year-old CEO, highlight of TiECON.

TiEcon has uploaded a video interview with Anshul.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a minor correction, Zoli. He is a 7th grader and would be finishing middle school next year (and not high school)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ouch.. thanks for catching it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    More and more young people are giving new face to entrepreneurship. Media, the Internet, and marketing has reached out extensively nowadays – even to the youth Maybe those factors, combined with fresh ideas and drive to succeed in marketing has inspired young people to engage in business.

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