Update on My Z-life

(This is an update of an older post, which I don’t normally do, but Zooomr’s Mark III launch offered the opportunity I just could not resist)

I’m living a Z-life.. quite fitting for a Z-guy. I’m a life-long Z-lister, writing this post in Zoho Writer and embedding photos from Zooomr.

I’m really glad to have witnessed the exemplary co-operation between two of my Z-portfolio companies, Zoho and Zooomr, which resulted in Zooomr’s succesful re-launch. Of course this wouldn’t have happened without Robert Scoble’s help – now, you may wonder where the “Z” is in Ze Scobleizer – but he is the A-lister that cares about Z-listers the most.

Thank you guys for the wonderful display of community spirit, and I am drinking a little Z-wine in your honor.

Now, back to the Z-apps, I frequently use several other Zoho apps, especially Sheets and Show, and am previewing a few more to come. (But no, rumors of me being renamed to Zoho Zoli are not substantiated smile_thinking)

I labeled Zvents Probably the Best Event Calendar in the World! and I think I was right, even though I use it less often nowadays. Hey, the celebration partymartiniwas great, and thanks for the T-shirt! Z-shirt. smile_shades

And now that I’m done with the Z-wine, on a lazy Sunday afternoon – are there any other Z-apps I should use?


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  1. Anonymous says

    hehe – cool!

    what about Zimbra?

  2. Anonymous says

    That would be a good one, if it was SaaS.

  3. Anonymous says

    I love this — what a great post! I envy you your zzzzz’s


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