Moved to WordPress

Pardon the appearance while we’re under construction …

I’ve moved from Blogware to WordPress, and am still trying to figure my way here … some functions, like the rolling tabs on the left may not work yet, some of my sidebar widgets are still missing, and generally, the site is still being shaped.

In a few days when the dust settles, I will post about my conversion experience,  (update: it’s here now) the new-but-old blog host, PressHarbor, and my current favorite theme, GenkiTheme.

Update (7/17): Stowe Boyd has considered moving his ToshiBlog smile_tongue /Message to WordPress, but he is worried about complications. All I can say is my transition was smooth, but it’s not because I am so smart, it’s because of support from PressHarbor. More details soon…

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  1. The WIP looks good Zoli. I’ve been planning a makeover at my place, and this was one of the 3 column themes I’d looked at… one less from the decision process now. Great!

  2. One less? Why is that.. looking for exclusivity? 🙂

  3. Zoli
    Reciprocating your congrats. This looks good. I’m also having “fun” with sorting out themes. Like you, not sure about those rolling tags – could be a challenge for anyone prone to motion sickness 🙂

  4. Ah, a Dramamine moment 🙂

  5. A timely post! I’m also working like nuts on transitioning a different CMS-based site to WordPress, and documenting the process – part one is here:

    Anyway – good luck with it! Looks like its coming along nicely so far.

  6. Zoli,
    Having tried in the past to comment and failed dismally, it is a welcome change..good move.

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