Ooma: Perception Matters

Which one of these units would you buy for your home?

Clunky old 80’s style answering machine (OK, make it That 70’s for Ashton Kutcher’s sake)

Nay, this is almost the same with colors …

This is better…

Cool 🙂

Funny thing is, they are all the same, different photos of the new Ooma device being launched today. What a difference a good photo makes!

P.S. I was an Ooma White Rabbit for ten minutes.

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  1. Hey Zoli.

    You dont happen to have any invites for to spare, do you? I will be leaving for army deployment soon and that service really will solve the problem of contacting my wife and kids back home since we are given one dedicated internet line and a POTS jack- which costs us a fortune, and i dont carry a laptop.

    Was just wondering if you happened to have any ooma invites.


  2. In trying to follow this story I have noticed that Avner is posting the exact quote…in different blogs on this subject..
    Avener…what service branch are you leaving..what is your mos? Where were you deployed? …Do you think people are stupid?

  3. well.. i dont think people are stupid.
    Im just desperate to get my hands on something like this before i leave..
    which is not long by the way. i leave on the 10th of August. Judging by the scarcity of the invitations for something like this; it would be pretty hard to expect it if i only ask 1 person. If it doesn’t work for me, i would be glad to pass it along to whoever wants it.

    I serve in the marine corps. My unit is being deployed in Fallujah, Iraq.

    The only reason I do this is because of the very fact that we rarely get to call back home when we really wish to and sometimes it costs us money, if we are not in combat operations. I really wish you could know what its like there, but I understand your concern about I might be spamming.


  4. I may have invites, but I couldn’t figure it out yet. Not having POTS at all, I’m not sure if Ooma wants me as a “white rabbit” at this stage. I am able to log in, but haven’t seen any sign of my ability to invite others. I guess we’ll see next week whether the box arrives.

    I doubt this would help Avner though; they only support the pre-deployment test use within the US, as far as I understand.

  5. Hey Zoli.
    Thanks for considering anyhow. Aswanth, over at was able to forward me to another source where they take care of deployed troops.

    Thanks again.

  6. Once again, can I have an invitation, Zoli? I already have POTS, so I don’t think it’s a problem. My email is Thanks anyway. I should have gotten one through inviteshare.

  7. Martin, I don’t have invitations. If you followed the comments on my previous Ooma post, you can see I am not an activated “white rabbit”. I can log into the site, but no further steps were taken since I told Ooma I had no POTS.


  1. Why Ooma is a security risk…

    I think Ooma will not work, especially in the USA where people are so afraid of terrorists. Would you borrow your phone to Al Qaeda for their next announcement? No? But you might be doing it with Ooma, without even notice. Out of the same reason Jeff…..

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