When Google Juice Hurts


Today my blog is getting a lot of hits from the Google search “Microsoft Office 2008”. This is typically a good indication that something newsworthy has just happened… and there we go, it’s on TechMeme: Microsoft Delays Office 2008 for the Mac. Actually, a delay by Microsoft is almost not newsworthy – shipping on time would be smile_omg

Now, the only problem is that all those readers driven to my blog by Google are probably disappointed: my old post from June 2006 is not about what later became Office 2008: back than I was poking fun at yet-another Microsoft delay, declaring that if Office 2007 slipped any further, Microsoft might as well call it Office 2008. A few weeks after this post MS announced they’d be using the Office 2008 moniker for the Mac software.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, I have no clue how this little post became the #1 search result on Google for Office 2008.

For information on the *real* Office 2008 you’re better off reading these posts: Ars Technica, ParisLemon,,, Apple 2.0, Macworld, Office Evolution, Mac Mojo, Microsoft News Tracker, Compiler, Computerworld, BetaNews , MacUser, O’Grady’s PowerPage , CyberNet Technology News, Lifehacker, Web Worker Daily,

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  1. If you publish Sitemaps, Google uses a different protocol for news – including a range of dates TO – FROM that you can indicate when the “news” is no longer “news”…

    Worth looking at it?

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