Comcast Testing Higher Speeds?

My Internet experience has been bumpy all day, even though my connection speed was far better than expected. I don’t think the problem was speed as such, it’s was the spottiness – lost of 1-2 second mini outages. Now I’m starting to wonder if Comcast is silently testing a major speed update. Just looks at these test results:

That’s quite unbelievable, it’s about 4 times faster than Comcast’s stated speed. Can anyone confirm / deny? Rumors?


  1. This is happening for me also here in Georgia. I am not sure what plan we are using, but I am sure its not 15000kbps like I often get.

    According to their site they are throttling up your speed on certain tranfers

  2. I’m envious. I’m Comcast and just tested at 6.5 down and 1 up. I like yours better. 🙂

  3. same problem with my comcast connection just over here in Sausalito. Frustrating!

    Ironically comcast tv (we do not get regular tv reception without a cable connection so they have us over a barrel) has had blips of several seconds too over the past 3 weeks

  4. I have the opposite problem…my Verizon DSL is coming in at 723 down, 105 up…when Verizon’s FL speed average is 6400!

    I thought is was my wifi laptop which had the degradation yesterday, but even on the PC connected direct it is roughly the same this evening…

    any ideas?

  5. Vinnie, that’s not bad, provided it’s M not K 🙂

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