CrunchGear Site All Messed Up

Yes, it is Apple Day, so I think it’s OK for CrunchGear to temporarily convert its main site to “Apple Live“.

CrunchGear will return to its normal format after the Apple announcement. This page will refresh automatically.

However, I doubt they intended to kill access to ALL previous posts, and that’s exactly what happened. Crunchgear is practically off-line, except of course the Apple Show.

Several of Crunchgear’s posts hit Techmeme today, including one where they have the LEAD STORY, yet even the permalink to those stories is a dead end: it’s Apple only for now.

But that’s not all, look at this screenprint. Do you find anything unusal? (hint: lower right corner)

Yes, of course I clicked “edit this entry” and nothing happened since it would require a WordPress logon, but as a user I shouldn’t be seeing that option at all…

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