Macworld Live Blogging via CoveritLive? Nope. CoveritDead. Twitter Dies, Too.

CoveritLive is supposed to change live blogging. What better opportunity to debut than Macworld? Except that I am off to a shaky start trying to watch Crunchgear’s coverage:

Upgrade? I’m already on the latest FireFox, thank you. smile_sad

Update: Now the CrunchGear CoveritLive page does not load at all. Coveritdead. thumbs_down

Update: Fake Steve Jobs also tried CoveritLive, then attempted to switch to Twitterwhich died, too.

Well, at least CrunchGear’s mothership, TechCrunch stayed with the conservative, manual updates… their coverage works.

Update (1/21): Here’s a new review on CoveritLive @ReadWriteWeb. We’ll just have to wait for another major event to see it truly “live”.

Update (2/27): Jeff Nolan and Dennis Howlett praise CoveritLive.

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There’s a satirical post on BBspot about Apple offering $7K refund to early adopters of the Apple Lisa, the predecessor to Macintosh.

“I’ve felt bad about people who bought the Lisa for a long time. Anybody who bought one of the first Apple Lisas really got screwed,” said Jobs. “Now that we’ve got some cash, I think it’s about time we made it right.”
People interested in the refund will need to bring in an original receipt showing they bought the Lisa in 1983 and proof of purchase from the Apple Lisa box. Sales figures from that year show that if all people who bought the computer claim the refund, Apple could be liable for almost $70,000.

Funny piece … even funnier is the fact that CrunchGear appears to have bought it.smile_party

But don’t feel sorry for the Crunch team: they like fooling readers, too. smile_tongue

Update: Forever Geek almost bought it…


CrunchGear Site All Messed Up

Yes, it is Apple Day, so I think it’s OK for CrunchGear to temporarily convert its main site to “Apple Live“.

CrunchGear will return to its normal format after the Apple announcement. This page will refresh automatically.

However, I doubt they intended to kill access to ALL previous posts, and that’s exactly what happened. Crunchgear is practically off-line, except of course the Apple Show.

Several of Crunchgear’s posts hit Techmeme today, including one where they have the LEAD STORY, yet even the permalink to those stories is a dead end: it’s Apple only for now.

But that’s not all, look at this screenprint. Do you find anything unusal? (hint: lower right corner)

Yes, of course I clicked “edit this entry” and nothing happened since it would require a WordPress logon, but as a user I shouldn’t be seeing that option at all…