Firefox Gone Mad

Firefox has gone completely mad on one of my PC’s. The pic shows the lower left area: the status line has become a thick, dead area, I can’t reduce/resize it, and there is a funny little red ^ sign in the corner. At the same time all my book marks are gone.

My plugins appear to be working. Reinstalling Firefox did not help – any advice?


Update: I can find writeups of the same problem, but no solution… here, here, here… oh, there’s a whole lot of them, no conclusive answer.

Update #2: Wow, I can’t believe how fast help came! Thanks, Craig and Paul. 🙂 In the meantime I also suspected plugins, so disabled them all, and the problem was gone. Then it was a matter of playing around with restoring them one by one and in different order. The culprit appears to be the Diigo plugin. It’s a cool tool, but for now I had to kill it. They are a good team, I bet they’ll be here soon 😉


  1. I tossed out all my extensions and themes and reinstalled it, and that fixed my problems.

  2. Go into your profile directory, under your user directory (document and settings) then application data then Mozilla then profiles then your profile (probably only one) then look for the “chrome” file – delete it (can’t get worse) – or uninstall the last plugin you updated or installed (that sometimes helps)

  3. Wow, Paul & Craig, you’re fast, thanks! See update in the post above.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. I had this same problem and found the “chrome” solution somewhere online. I never had the Diigo plugin you mentioned but I did do what Craig suggested above: uninstalled the most recent plugin. It worked.

    You might try reinstalling that plugin and see if it happens again… it hasn’t on my computer (it’s been two months).

    The question is what causes it in the first place?

  5. Well, it may not be Diigo by itself… and several other references on the web point to different plugins, so it may not be one specific plugin.

    That’s why I played with re-enabling them in different order… but in the end it came down to always falling back to the error when I enabled Diigo. Perhaps if I had all other plugins disabled, and only Diigo enabled, it would not happen… so there still is a fair degree of randomness here.

    But frankly I just don’t have the time to deal with this mistery: if I can keep FFox stable by keeping diigo off for now, that’s what I’ll do – I just need to keep on working here ….

  6. Understood.

    I missed that one sentence in the original post where you mentioned re-enabling in a different order.

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