Information R/evolution

Really cool video, if you’re reading this in a feed, it’s worth clicking through. I bet it will be on TechMeme soon.

hat tip: Dave Fleet


  1. I liked his previous video a bit better – particularly the music

  2. I’m really impressed with this guy. I’d love to take a sabatical and sit in his lectures. I bet his videos have done more for student enrollment numbers in his courses than X academic papers.
    I mean why else Kansas? !-)

  3. Thomas, the sabbatical is a great idea.. but why not find a great professor (?) at the University of Hawaii 🙂

  4. it is an inspiring and exciting thing

  5. You cretin you stole this link of my site that published it 6 months ago. You and MA are best buddies I know, but the last time you attacked us for using a name with crunch in it and now your actually stealing OUR content to be published on TC. What gives?

  6. Dear Agentbleu (Steve),

    I had to fish your gem of a comment out of the Akismet spam.
    The last (and only) time I “attacked” you (I think it was fair criticism, but readers be the judge), it wasn’t only about the name, but your using fake sponsor badges to gain some brand validation. As you recall, several of the so-called sponsors demanded you remove their badges and threatened you with legal action.

    As for you having published the video 6 months ago – well, congratulations, you obviously saw the future, considering it was only published on Youtube 10 days ago. (Btw, I did credit my source, and it certainly isn’t your site.)

  7. My Dear Mr Erdos

    (Not to be confused with the genius Paul Erdös). And no doubt no relation either!

    I wonder if you indeed changed your own name to garner some trickle of respect that stems from sharing it with a real authority in his field.

    Talking of real authorities we are reminded not to be confused by any means by the self aggrandizing ex lawyer Michael Arrington who claims to be an authority in his field yet who lacks even a basic understanding of the startup Tech Sector and as such constantly fails to provide any quality commentary.

    Although MA may well likely have an Erdös Number, I would suspect it would be over 6 digits (just like the nature of commentary he likes to cover in his little blog).

    There are numerous blunders to witness his ineptness in his chosen field. But the one that springs to mind was his response to the Bubble Bubble Bubble post that I wrote. He came out immediately thereafter dismissing any such notion of a bubble. Ironically only 3 months after he then changed his mind 180 degrees and wrote a post forewarning that indeed the Tech Sector was in a bubble and that we would likely see a correction in the market valuations.

    As far as being threatened with legal action – MA did once allude to trademark infringement to startupcrunch, in his response to my critical post about TC:

    Instead his response was to run a competition asking people to attack him (a pathetic attempt to divert attention away from real criticism).
    Ironically although I did not enter that competition, he entered my criticism anyway, albeit he did not allow people to vote on it saying it just missed the deadline. You guys are really funny.

    keep up the good work lol


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