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I’m receiving congratulatory notes – in the age of Facebook and Plaxo there is no hiding.  Oh, well, I’m happy to have reached 21smile_wink, at least I can get a drink now.

But June 5th is a memorable day for other reasons. This year it is the 20th anniversary of the of Tiananmen Square  crackdown in China.   June 5th is also World Environment Day, which this year has the theme:

Your Planet Needs You – UNite to Combat Climate Change

On this day an amazing film, simply titled HOME is released.  Directed by internationally renowned French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, produced by world famous director Luc Besson and narrated by five-time Academy Award® nominee Glenn Close (Dangerous Liaisons), Home aims to change the way people see the planet and their impact on it. Shot in high definition in 54 countries and 120 locations over 217 days, the unique and first-time ever all-aerial filming style highlights the Earth’s wonders as well as its wounds and provides a necessary perspective to approach the changing environment.

The World Premiere will take place in more 100 countries and in 23 languages, with free screenings  at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in New York’s Central Park,  London’s Trafalgar Square and Omaha, which is North America’s host city for the United Nations World Environment Day.

And now we can share it here, as the film is available in full length, amazing quality on Youtube until June 14th, 2009.

Update: apparently the film itself is not embeddable, so all I can include here is a a video on the shooting itself.  But the real film is worth clicking through and watching on Youtube – in full screen mode, ideally HD.

Enjoy. And Think.


Bragging on YouTube Results in Criminal Charges

18-old Marko Petrovic probably regrets recklessly driving trough Sozina, Montenegro’s longest vehicular  tunnel at the breakneck speed of 260 km/h ( 161 m/h) –or at least sharing the experience on YouTube for the whole world to see.

While the entire world has not seen it  yet (only 13k views for now), Montenegro police certainly has: they should up at his parents’ home, filing criminal charges of reckless endangering and impounding his dad’s  Audi A8.

(A commenter to the video thinks the car is a BMW, not an A8, since he sees the iDrive – I have no clue, car experts feel free to jump in.)

Anyway, I think this is a great initiative: I would strongly encourage reckless drivers, muggers, robbers, all sorts of criminals to follow suit: document your act, earn your well-deserved fame on Youtube.  At least in countries where you can get prosecuted based on a video. smile_wink

Source: (in Hungarian)

Update:  This kid’s timing was really, really bad.  Barely a month after he posted his video, Montenegro banned Facebook and Youtube access if all public sector offices:

“With the aim of optimising traffic and lessening the network loads of governmental agencies during work, access was disabled to potentially dangerous sites and sites that generate large capacities,” the government told AFP.


Information R/evolution

Really cool video, if you’re reading this in a feed, it’s worth clicking through. I bet it will be on TechMeme soon.

hat tip: Dave Fleet


Hulu. Mahalo. Aloha.

This is my shortest post, ever. It’s all in the title. Party

The real news is here: NewCo finally gets a name: Hulu. Also read: CenterNetworks, Silicon Alley Insider, Mashable , TechCrunch, Silicon Alley Insider, Good Morning Silicon Valley, Valleywag, Technology Live, TechSpot News, Future Visions, last100.