Southern Comfort Goes All Digital – Hopefully Smarter, Too…

Southern Comfort dumps old media, and pours (pun intended) their entire $8 million media budget on the Net.  Let’s hope they’ll spend it smarter then they did on this ad four years ago.

What’s wrong with this banner?  Nothing – unless you place it in context. It appeared just days after Hurricane Katrina almost wiped out New Orleans… which gives the words “where anything can happen” a special meaning.  And if you think it was just an innocent mistake, read the details here.

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Hulu Fails on Inauguration Day

O-Day was supposed to be the first US Presidential Inauguration largely available online. I thought it was a good idea to provide the embedded video here, courtesy of Hulu.  It worked well for hours .. during the countdown.

Then it promptly died as soon as the actual broadcast started.  It appears Hulu killed the embed feed, while the video on itself is still working well.

Hulu = Fail on O-Day.  Way to welcome the first tech-savvy US President.smile_sad




Hulu. Mahalo. Aloha.

This is my shortest post, ever. It’s all in the title. Party

The real news is here: NewCo finally gets a name: Hulu. Also read: CenterNetworks, Silicon Alley Insider, Mashable , TechCrunch, Silicon Alley Insider, Good Morning Silicon Valley, Valleywag, Technology Live, TechSpot News, Future Visions, last100.