Southern Comfort Goes All Digital – Hopefully Smarter, Too…

Southern Comfort dumps old media, and pours (pun intended) their entire $8 million media budget on the Net.  Let’s hope they’ll spend it smarter then they did on this ad four years ago.

What’s wrong with this banner?  Nothing – unless you place it in context. It appeared just days after Hurricane Katrina almost wiped out New Orleans… which gives the words “where anything can happen” a special meaning.  And if you think it was just an innocent mistake, read the details here.

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Obama Too Tall To Be President? Google Brain Damaged.

Barack Obama is apparently too tall to be President of the United Sates.  He does not fit Marine One, the Presidential Helicopter:

Oops… the bump does not appear that serious, but gee …Google AdSense Nonsense recommends brain damage lawyers:

Wonder how long it will take for Google to pull those ads.   in the meantime, here’s some more fun with “contextual” Google ads:

Update: as we know President Obama received a new uber-super-safe-ugly limo.  Is this a subtle hint that he needs a new chopper?

Update #2:  I think I hurt Google’s feelings.  My posts typically show up in Google search results in minutes, but this one is nowhere to be found.


Freezing Heat. Dumb Ads.

Screenshot from Yahoo Weather this morning:

We’re expecting heat today, and Yahoo ( placed a snowy pic, offering all sorts of winterizing services along with my forecast.   I guess it did not notice the weather display was in Celsius, and 31C is about 88F.

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FAA Failure – Golden Vista Ad

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, this one certainly belongs to the  contextual ad blunder series.smile_wink

(Source: IT Project Failures)


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FeedBurner Loses Half Your Subscribers

Check your FeedBurner stats, but don’t worry too much: no, there was no mass exodus, you did not lose more than half your subscribers overnight.

There’s a simple explanation: FeedBurner is missing Google FeedFetcher stats- that’s the number of users who read your blog in Google Reader.  Last time I reported the same, Google Reader represented about 40% of my readership- apparently now it’s about 60%. 

Ironically it happens on the day when FeedBurner is in the news for launching  AdSense for feeds.


The Irony of Contextual Advertising

I fully agree with Ionut: Gmail’s spam filtering is amazingly effective. I don’t really care about how they do it, as long as it works this well.thumbs_up

But there’s a bit of irony in his post on Google Operating System, and it comes from none other than Google: just as soon as he’s done praising Gmail, Adsense serves up ad ad from a competing service:

Funny thing is, competitor or not, Adsense is correct: the ad is as contextual as it can get, since the article was about spam filtering.smile_tongue

Of course it could have been a lot worse

(P.S. the pic is only for illustration of what I found on Ionut’s blog; I am not running ads here)

Update: Donna Bogatin found another Web Blooper.