FAA Failure – Golden Vista Ad

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, this one certainly belongs to the  contextual ad blunder series.smile_wink

(Source: IT Project Failures)


Additional ad blunders:


  1. This makes no sense….I don’t see the humor? FAA isn’t run on Vista.

  2. It would be so funny if it turned out that the computer that failed was indeed running Vista… 😀

  3. I did not event think so far. I’ve had simply found this pairing ironic: Vista itself epitomizes failure IMHO.

  4. Vista = Failure? HA!! since when? I have Vista installed on 2 desktops and my laptop, Server 2008 on 2 servers, and Server 2003 on 2 servers. Additionally, I have run every version of Windows and DOS in succession since the beginning and only found minor issues with each version, they all have their bad sides and good sides, but any idiot who thinks Vista is a failure should put his head between his legs and ask his IT Manager to kick him out the nearest window. The average user is a computer dummy, that is the only reason that there are so many issues with upgrading OSes in both the Corporate and Consumer market, because people are too stupid to grasp each new concept in each new product. If everyone just read what was on their screen and at least made the attempt to understand what they read and what their IT guy told them, we would have half as many computer-related problems in the office and the consumer market, and half as many visits by the nearest geek. People can fix their own computers in most cases, they just refuse to learn how to do it, despite the simplicity of the average support call problem.

    Enough of that though, back to you who think Vista = Failure. That’s a load of coal. Stop complaining and learn how to use it already!!!!

  5. James, you are so right. And if we just eliminated all those dumb customers, the world would be a much happier place! 🙂

    But wait … wouldn’t that put Linus Services out of business?

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