FeedBurner Missing Google Feedfetcher Again

Is this becoming a weekly ritual? Check your FeedBurner subscriber count: it’s likely down by roughly 40%.

As usual, don’t panic, it simply means that the Google Feedfetcher data (which includes the popular Google Reader) is missing again. In a few hours the good folks at FeedBurner / Google wake up and we’ll have another blog post telling us to wait a day, and everything be back to normal tomorrow – until next time.

Tip to FeedBurner: if this is becoming a routine, don’t bother writing new blog posts. Just remove any reference to specific dates and make it a sticky post.


  1. Zoli, thanks for the post. My feedburner stats were cut in half again today too.

  2. Yeah, thanks for the heads-up. I was wondering about that same problem today as well.

  3. You think you’ve got it bad Zoli – check out this for a post-blog shift depressing sight;
    No authority yet
    * Rank: 8,911,336
    Authority: 51
    * Rank: 150,747

  4. BTW – The top one is the new site, the bottom one is my old wordpress blog

  5. Ouch… but wait, I thought people move TO WP and not AWAY from it 🙂

  6. I’ve always been an independent sort of a guy…

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