FeedBurner is Out of Flame Today

If your see your FeedBurner subscriber count cut in half today, don’t panic, it does not means your readers “fired” you. It simply means that Google’s Feedfetcher is not reported in the total count today. Clearly a glitch – not as fun as this other one, when I picked up 50K bonus readers, but hey, I’m sure it will be fixed soon -perhaps by the time you wake up and finish

Update: Confirmed: Google Feedfetcher had a hangover.. it’s clearing up now.


  1. Thanks for this post – I had just noticed that I was missing half my readers! Fired up Greader to see if anyone else was commenting and saw your post.


  2. Thanks for making my Sunday. Found your site from GoogleTutor’s post this afternoon.

  3. Mine are cut in half again today. Nov. 9. I wonder if it’s the same problem?

  4. Mine never went back.



  1. […] themselves at the same time. I was away yesterday and didn’t get the news about the subscriber count reduction before I noticed that I lost about 4k subscribers […]