Too Bad Gizmodo / Gawker Media is Not Public

This would be a good time to short their stock.  The biggies hurt at CES would sue their a***s off.  The video is really fun to watch.  Except if you’re one of the people who worked hard to prepare, stage and deliver their presentation which the pranksters  sc***ed with – let alone the companies that spent millions to participate at the show.


Not everyone agrees, and frankly, I am amazed how people I normally respect find it a laughing matter.

Update (1/12): Must be a slow weekend, this is still the hot topic on TechMemeWebware, Hardware 2.0,, Valleywag,, Crave, Geek News Central, The Stalwart, Laughing Squid, Silicon Alley Insider, Bloggers Blog, Scobleizer… you name it.  They all (including me) missed this irony:  Gizmodo themselves trashed the TV-B-Gone 3 years ago:

Mitch Altman is an asshole. And not just any asshole, but one of those snotty holier-than-thou types who has nothing better to do with the money he made as a founder of 3ware than to develop a device with the sole purpose of imposing his viewpoint on others…
…Essentially a universal remote that cycles through every possible code, the TV-B-Gone has a single purpose: to power off televisions whenever the user feels like being a dick.

So who is the a**hole now?  And who feels like being a d*ck?   Was this Altman’s ultimate revenge?  smile_baringteeth
(hat tip: Anonymous commenter)


  1. Zoli, I admitted that it was sophomoric, and that interrupting the Motorola guy was definitely offside; but at the same time, I thought popping some of the CES hype machine bubble was a valuable — and yes, funny — thing. I just think we need to keep the whole thing in perspective, that’s all.

  2. Well, watching it was indeed funny. But I am sitting at home.. not standing in front of the crowd, trying to make a presentation. That was – especially the Motorola part – beyond my threshold.

    Oh, and it would make such a nice short! Only as a prank, of course:-)

  3. Zoli, same POV as Matthew…a bit juvenile…but as I said on my post – there were so many over the top things at CES, this should not even register ,,,besides since when did us bloggers turn traditional? -)

  4. First, while I get the prank, the video itself is not very funny. Seriously. I’ve seen funnier video’s at high school graduation assemblies, and I’m a principal. Clearly MIT and CAL/Berkeley have nothing to worry about as far as being outdone in the prank space.

    Second, it’s irrelevant if CES is bloated, over the top, companies invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing for this event. This just shows a total lack of respect for the very industry they cover.

  5. John Q. Public says

    Am I the only one who finds it a bit hypocritical that the Goo Goo Ga Ga Gizmodo pre-school pranksters had such fun with a device that they ripped to shreds in a review?

  6. Apparently we all missed it – thanks for the pointer, see updated post.


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