Gizmodo’s Prank Was Fairly Harmless, After All

OK, time to put things in prospective.  Yes, I believe the Gizmodo prank of switching off LCD’s at CES, disrupting presentations was immature, and they deserved to be banned.  But let’s realize they were still relatively harmless; could have done a lot worse with the almighty TV-B-Gone, just like this Polish kid did:

A teenage boy who hacked into a Polish tram system used it like “a giant train set”, causing chaos and derailing four vehicles.

The 14-year-old, described by his teachers as a model pupil and an electronics “genius”, adapted a television remote control so it could change track points in the city of Lodz.

Twelve people were injured in one derailment, and the boy is suspected of having been involved in several similar incidents.

(Full story at The Telegraph)

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