Pink PC for Valentine

Valentine Day is coming: forget roses, perfume, jewellery.. this year’s hot item is a PC. 

Not just any PC, but a pink Asus eee PC.  So small, so pink… at $399 is it about to become a fashion accessory? smile_regular  Will the Fashionistas approve?


  1. My girlfriend would probably find that cute. But how functional is it? Can it handle the usual load of regular pcs? Or if there is a difference in efficiency, how big is the difference? With the recent release of Macbook Air, I think Asus is in for a tough competition.

  2. Jay, I don’t think the eee Pc is meant for a “usual” workload, it’s a light weight travel PC. But I wouldn’t compare it to the Macbook Air, they are in way different price ranges.

  3. The google nemesis review has a nice list with such gadgets that come in all shapes and colors. Just choose one and buy it.

  4. For some reason, I don't think my girlfriend wants a computer. I'll stick with the more tradational perfume 🙂

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