Asus eee PC: Size Matters

Size matters… a lot. I still haven’t decided if I’ll be able to work on this mini-PC (the Asus eee PC). The 7″ screen in itself would not be that bad, but the 800×600 resolution is far too restricting: most websites are designed for higher resolution, meaning one has to scroll horizontally to see all, or click action buttons. The other problem is the keyboard – I don’t think I have fat fingers, but am struggling with it.

On the other had, it’s the ideal travel / conference machine. I don’t even need it as a computer, just a web browsing / note-taking / blogging device. And of course the alternative is His Beautiness the MacBook Air, but boy, that price for a travel accessory! Decisions…decisions…

(My regular display vs. the eee)

Update (4/3): I’ve owned the eee PC for a day and am returning it tonight.  I could get used to the screen size, my fingers would learn to deal with the keyboard, but it’s impossible to browse the Net with this thing.  The problem is that most websites are designed for larger resolution, and the eee can only display part of a page.  Vertical scrolling (a lot) is not the end of the world, but having to scroll horizontally, just to find disappearing action buttons is simply ridiculous.


Pink PC for Valentine

Valentine Day is coming: forget roses, perfume, jewellery.. this year’s hot item is a PC. 

Not just any PC, but a pink Asus eee PC.  So small, so pink… at $399 is it about to become a fashion accessory? smile_regular  Will the Fashionistas approve?