Citibank, Get a Clue!

 Email @ 9:20pm yesterday:

Your Citibank statement is now available at This notification is part of the All-Electronic Program you enrolled in to receive your statements online only instead of in the mail

Email @ 10:07pm yesteday:

Live the clutter-free life by replacing your regular printed statement with an electronic one.
It’s easy to enroll! Simply sign on to

This from the Citi that “Never Sleeps”smile_eyeroll

Update: While at it… Dear Citi, could you please take the monthly junk-mail (typically inviting me to credit cards I already have from you)  that comes to my house in multiple thick envelopes  and shove it.. no, you won’t, but at least send it electronically, so I can quickly and painlessly route it to the junk folder.  If you do that, you can launch a new marketing campaign… you know, about being Green.smile_wink

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