Stop the Idiotic Laptop Searches


TV news in the background – they talk about how we can expect more laptop searches at airports, agents searching for child pornography.  This is insane.  I am not supporting child pornography, but fighting it should not be the mission of airport security or customs officials.  Air travel is already bad enough, searching through today’s huge hard disks would bring it to a screeching halt.



  1. Sorry but they are not searching my laptop without a warrant, I’ve confidential data and customer data on there – how do they expect that to work? That is insane so what I don’t get to fly?

  2. I agree, but the Courts don’t 🙁

  3. Is it just me or are we in the stupid part of the idea curve at the moment? Also that could be great fun *NOT*, bluetooth/ wireless hacking. We can stick porno files on there laptops while they wait in line for pasport or customs control!

  4. This, in an age of 16Gb micro SD cards which you could wear as an *earring* dammit, without getting so much as a peep from a scanner. Information wants to be free (to quote Gibson out of context) – anyone who wants to hide their data can do so, trivially easily. Which only makes the laptop searches even more pointless.

  5. Creepy. Just very creepy.


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