MicroScoble: Scoble to Become Microsoft CEO

While outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is being egged in Budapest Fake Steve Jobs is already running a poll to find his replacement. Ex-Microsoftie, current Uber-Blogger Robert Scoble seems to have a solid lead:

Congrat’s, MicroScoble! smile_teeth

Update: Robert did not hesitate to declare his first move as CEO: Why Microsoft will buy Facebook and keep it closed.


  1. Well, it appears that Microsoft is in Budapest to secure the TITAN Program. What is the TITAN Program, well it could possibly be a nightmare for American Workers.

    As Per the Budapest Sun “The Titan Program is a program for digital education which aims to boost the IT sector’s contribution to GDP, through improving the efficiency of IT training, especially in the SME sector.
    Although TITAN was initiated by Microsoft, other major IT companies, such as Cisco, HP, Intel and Magyar Telekom, also plan to participate.
    The project is currently in its preparation phase, Microsoft Hungary CEO László Drajkó told journalists.
    According to Drajkó, TITAN is expected to run from next year until 2012, using over Ft10bn ($62m) worth of EU funds.
    The program is planned to be available for every SME, and subsidized trainings aim to reach 10,000 IT experts and 25,000 company leaders in the first year, and, after that, up to 100,000 employees.
    In the framework of TITAN, Microsoft now agreed with the government on the software supply of universities and secondary schools.”

    To many this may appear not to be a big deal. Great so we are helping to gain more wonderful employees in the IT sector.. Fantastic.

    HOLD ON A MINUTE before you go further with that thought —- Look at the Companies Involved with this program, and remember One major thing. These companies continue to Scream that there is lack of employees here in America, and are fighting for H1-B visas. In Fact one of the largest Lobbyists is not ONLY Microsoft but Cisco as well.. and they are TEACHING foreigners … Hmmm…

    Are you getting the picture yet? Okay, so, let me present some facts for you, but some will be in question form okay. so Microsoft and Cohorts, how come you guys say there is a war for talent,

    A) yet, LONG Term unemployment is at Record Highs, in fact, the highest we have seen Since 2008 as you guys continue to displace our American workers – We have LESS jobs in the economy than could support the workforce
    B) wages have been on a decline for over the past 5 years, companies continue to take away benefits, hours, and gee if you are lucky to become an employee instead of a “contractor” then you have it made in today’s society
    C) you say not enough kids are graduating? So Why are so many unemployed YEARS after graduating. No, we are not talking mediocre students here.. Maybe they didn’t come from the Top Tier Colleges that some of you companies have on your list, but many did well in the schools
    D) We had Half as Many jobs Enter the economy last year, and that was less than the Year before that, and those were mainly in healthcare and food service – NOT in professional services like IT – Yet we had how many h1-b Visas enter the country? And continued to be extended? Yet, our kids are not getting hired?
    E) What about our kids here in America? Why are you not Training them? Why not focus your energy on those who have Graduated, and also those in High School?
    F) I have a lot more here which demonstrates the Myth regarding the alleged “war for talent”

    See folks, we continue to educate people in Foreign lands.. Why? Well because everyone loves to get more Value for the dollar. Why do you think that today we have such a financial dilemma in this country? Why do you think that today we are financially in hardship and today’s generation is the First generation that is not fearing as financially well as the previous one?

    Understand One thing, if there indeed was competition for employees, then American Companies would be more competitive in Salaries, Benefits, Employee Friendly Programs. There Would definitely be more Jobs in the Economy, and Long Term Unemployment (this is the MOST Important number when looking at what Unemployment is really like – in fact pay attention to the Jobs Per Thousand or Payroll numbers) would be very low, practically non Existent.

    We need to pay attention, because it is affecting YOU today, and your economy! And if you perceive this only as a Rant, then please Remember the Cohen’s Grigsby Video which still can be found on U Tube. This video was taken at a Conference where the Legal Team Cohen and Grigsby was Teaching Employers how to rig the system, skirt the law – to AVOID hiring American workers and hire foreigners (yes illegal) – the Video Can still be found on You Tube, even though they have been fighting hard to remove it from the site.

    Support the Senators who are fighting on Your behalf and are investigating Visa Fraud. Become Informed about the reasons that misinformation is spread, and why they are presenting such a focus on mass hysteria on the alleged labor shortage, and definitely understand your rights. It’s time to finally get our Salaries and Jobs Back!
    Karen Mattonen

  2. Only cuz they left out scottgu


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