1. Ok, that’s funny. I’ll repost this on monday on my blog 🙂

  2. The purple Yahoo logo has got to go. I don’t care if the company has used purple in their business or what it does that’s purple. Why have a red logo to begin with, then one day decide to change it to purple? Why not purple from the beginning? I like “The Color Purple”, the movie that is. As far as purple anything else goes NO, NOT, NEVER. It doesn’t go with anything else on my homepage. I’m so comfortable with my red logo. I hate purple! Why are we forced to accept something we hate? Do you expect this change will generate more searches, or help you compete? Won’t work. Purple this, purple that. What a joke! Bring back the RED! PA-LEEEEASE!?


  1. […] font fara serifuri si culoarea violeta, omniprezenta in ultimele materiale Yahoo. De pe blog-ul lui Zoli Erdos am aflat de o noua varianta lansata in […]

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