Download Day Progress: 40% of My Readers Are Using Firefox 3.0

After a really bad start the downloads are at full force.  Here on my blog, Firefox 3.0 already has 25% 40% share and growing by the minute. It’s actually higher, since these are daily stats, the early hours skew skew the stats towards other browsers.  Total Firefox share (all releases) is 60%.

Browser Market Share June 17 -

(Chart by Zoho Sheet)

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  1. That is so great to see. We have been using Firefox from it’s beginning. Open source software is a wonderful idea.


  1. […] cool" stuff, so they don't represent real browser market share.  That said, since I provided 3.0 Dowload Day Progress, let's do a little comparison.  Barely halfway  through Download Day, 40% of my readers […]

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