LinkednIn Down in Celebration of their Billion-Dollar Club Membership


Quite a celebration: just the day after their $53M investment round, valuing the company at $1B (that’s Billion with a B) was announced, LinkedIn is down:

Is there a new emerging trend here?   PR blitz, big announcement, site is dead.  Other examples just this week:

Firefox Download Day leads to dead site.

Technorati Monster shows to celebrate investment + new ad network.  ( But hey, new Sales Team here to help, instead of technologists)

Then there was twitter .. then .. then ….smile_angry


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  1. Can’t help but laugh at your last line there… 😀

  2. I noticed it last week that LinkedIn was down.
    I was wondering what was the cause and I found this post on their blog:

    It seems they migrate the whole thing to OSGi, and they wrote it can cause problems.
    I wonder if they:
    a) did not finish migration yet
    b) ran into some problems with the new solution

    I just hope they keep it up most of the time, as I need it 🙂


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