HP Shopping Program Disguised as Critical Alert

I don’t know why I haven’t killed HP Total Care Advisor yet, but today I accidentally clicked on it:


Wow.  I’ve seen crapware .. but never before have I seen a vendor with the audacity to place their shopping program under Critical Alerts.  Shame, shame, absolute shame, HP. smile_angry


  1. Total care advisor? You mean Total Crap Advertising. HP is famous for crapware. I get paid to clean out this and other HP crapware and the PC runs much faster.

    Uninstall Advisor!

    It has no features that are not in Vista and it is safer to remove it (control panel, programs). Nothing but a bunch of crapware linked to selling HP or partner crap. It has massive memory leak problems, crashes often, slows your computer, has broken updates, broken alerts (except for advertising!) and can only tell if Norton is working (no other antivirus!) since Symantec pays them to push updates in your face! It won’t remove itself completely from my hard disk and won’t clean out its registry settings. You may wonder why HP doesn’t have a way to reinstall it…

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