Twitter May Have Found Cure to Outages

It’s really simple: with less users Twitter won’t go down that often, and that’s exactly what’s happening: users complain left and right about losing followers:

Creative solution… 🙁

Update: OK, there’s an explanation for all this… but hey, if they get all followers back, there goes the stability gain… LOL:

We’re still in the process of recovering from the missing follower/following problem that occurred earlier today. Over the next several hours, you may see inaccurate counts or timeline inconsistencies as the correct data is propagated to all parts of the system.

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  1. gregorylent says

    a lot of lessons in the twitter drama …

    money and brains not enough to solve the problems immediately

    hooking everyone to everyone every/anytime is a huge challenge

    the desire for human expression is greater than frustration at being unable to

    collecting followers is like collecting the full set, the number has more importance than the content

    what have your learned from this?

  2. I too was down near zero and not have them all back. YEA! Twitter really has a rotten IT staff or provider it seems. This is worse than Linked 2 months ago.

  3. My twitter experience with Twitter since their recent outage has been great. After the database down there was a brief period when the follows and followers vanished for a while, but kudos to Twitter team for restoring everything back to normal.

    Twitter is growing really fast, and I am sure that Twitter team is doing its best. We should cut them some slack for a change.

    Thank you @Twitter team for a great service.

    -Vic Podcaster


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