Live Election Results Here

I realize that only about 55% of my readers come from the United States, but the outcome of today’s US Presidential Elections will have a profound impact on the entire world.  I know many of you are watching the process with excitement, in fact a quick look here shows just how much people all around the world care, and that they are quite united. 

Well, they don’t have voting rights, so it will be up to my fellow American citizens to do the right thing and help us, help the world leave 8 years of darkness behind. Let’s watch the live results here:

I’m afraid I don’t have a fast-forward button, so it will be just a count-down for a while…


  1. Hi Zoli…as I pointed out over on your Cloud Avenue site, world polls in 1980 and 1984 would most likely have shown a preference for Carter and Mondale. It’s a good thing the US didn’t “do the right thing” by following world opinion back then.

    Regarding eight years of darkness…It appears the US voters are about to turn over full control of the government to the political party almost entirly responsible for the current financial crisis. I’m sure it will be all sweetness and light from here on out. 🙂

  2. I’ve never known a US Presidential election to attract so much continuing and widespread interest in Australia as this one. One aspect I find particularly interesting is that although in the opinion of local pundits a McCain presidency would be the more “Australia-friendly” the dominant preference here seems to be for an Obama presidency. Whatever the outcome, I believe we all have a deeper understanding of how connected we all are, for good or ill. Let’s hope for good! Every good wish to you and all our friends in the United States of America.

  3. The problem with “if the world could vote” is that rednecks think the internet is something you find in swimming shorts. That’s why you’re seeing only 20% support John McCain in the U.S. there (when realistically it’s much closer to 50%).

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