Business Planning on Twitter

As with all-things-Twitter, you should read this bottom-up:


And the text summary – again, read from bottom up:

  • amandagbeals @bencasnocha love the biz idea but dont leave out the gays!!! they wld be ur biggest clients!
  • zolierdos @bencasnocha On second thought, this business model is one of the oldest, although not limited to kissing 🙂
  • djnotfound @bencasnocha but… but can they get pregnant by kissing?
  • zolierdos @bencasnocha Haha, will it be bootstrapped or VC funded? 🙂
  • constantmotion @bencasnocha I have to ask, did a specific experience lead to this idea?
  • jeffnolan @bencasnocha you could rely on craigslist as your go-to-market strategy
  • msimonkey @bencasnocha Who decides whos the expert?
  • bencasnocha Business idea: create a kissing school where people pay to practice kissing "expert" instructor of opposite sex and get immediate feedback.


  1. I love it Zoli!

    • Now, if only I could figure out why your comment was caught in a spam filter.. is the word “love” or my name the red flag? Geez….

  2. LOL,,, kissing school is the crazy business idea that i ever heard. But in business there still more crazy idea,

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