Opera Unite Turns Your Computer into a Web Server. But Will You Want It?

The little browser that could … was how the Opera browser was often referred to around 1996-98.  The best browser packed with innovative features that Internet Explorer and Firefox were forced to copy: tabbed browsing, popup-blockers, saved sessions, zooming, mouse gestures to name a few.  But it never really took off,  continuing to hover around 2% market-share forever.

Today Opera proves again they are innovators: they claim to “reinvent the web” with the launch of Opera Unite.

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  1. That sounds cool!…though I am using firefox, I always liked opera..I preferred firefox for its great ad-ons…if ‘Opera Unite’ has got some of them then I am ready to taste the innovation!

  2. With the opera unite we can host a blog or site and use it as a hosting server, hope it will be launching soon and we can know the pros and cons

  3. Is it so…i did use opera a few weeks before, it did not impress me. Now since it has upgraded some of its functions and add on, i will be trying it out.

  4. Well, there is no doubt Opera has been quite innovative and the browser is really fast but I am not sure this innovation is really helpful. At best it will make some people lazy in uploading their photographs to facebook, and thereby will consume more of their bandwidth.

    No bad news for web hosts like others are saying.

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