Skype Spam

The last place I expect to receive spam is on Skype, and so far it has remained clean, I assume due to my privacy settings:


So how on earth could this have popped up on my screen:

[12:05:42 PM] Zora Giannoni: hi! i’m briannahh from are we still on for saturday?

No, Zora, or Briannah or whoever you are: we’re not on.   Anyone with similar experience? Are we seeing major trouble with Skype?


  1. Hi Zoli,
    I get at least one request every week to hook up with some person (both guys and girls) or another via Skype.
    The latest is a website developer touting for business, who also approached a journalist/blogger I know too: see ‘sales calls can find you anywhere’ post from 9 June:
    It seems to be a mild annoyance at the moment, hopefully it will stay that way.

  2. yea ii had the same thing just mine was Carmel Kimmel or who ever this is from im like wat kind of stuff is this.

  3. Hello, I received the same spam message.

    Hi, I’m Briannah, are we still for sat.?

    The skype contact is camgirlclotilda5sl97pas


  4. Same experience here, i’m absolutely baffled as to how these spams can get through with those settings.

  5. I received different spam messages as well.

    Somehow these people are adding themselves to my contacts so they can get through my privacy settings. I’ve been getting random messages for the past few days.

    When I look, I see they are on my contacts list!

  6. it’s a hole in their software

  7. Do you trust Outlook to stop your email spam? Than why do you ask Skype to do that.
    You better use an external anti spam tool for Skype.
    A good example is SX for Skype (I’m sure there are others)

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