Coding Error Buries Trader Under Heaps of Coal

Photo credit: Kordite@Flickr

I’ve had The Daily WTF ever since discovering the SAP Laundry story there… it’s a hit or miss.  But today’s story is a real gem. 

“Okay, I’m here!” he angrily announced once he stepped foot in the lobby. “So let’s do this! What do I need to—”

Brad stopped mid-sentence. His eyes were immediately drawn through the floor-to-ceiling windows and onto the river bay that Æxecor’s building overlooked. There was an absolutely gigantic barge – nay, an armada of tightly-connected barges – overfilled with enormous piles of coal that was attempting to dock in front of the building. “What… the… fuuu—”

Click through to read the story at  The Daily WTF

(there’s a geek part in it about sloppy coding..etc.)

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