Google Cheese

Yes, this is decidedly cheesy: a microblogging app that’s intentionally buggy.  Full of holes, like it’s namesake, the cheese. For educational purposes. But I think they forgot something really important:

jarlsberg carlsberg

Yes, I know, proper pairing would be wine and cheese, but it doesn’t rhyme as well as Jarlsberg & Carlsberg. Besides, this way Google could use the tagline: Probably the Best Bugs in the World.

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  1. Zoli, I liked your particular perspective on Google's cheesy little hack-n-learn application. Very cute:
    Jarlsberg + Carlsberg = :@)

    "Connecting the dots"…. hmm, that's pretty original too. I'd been using the title from a Gabriel & Dresden song, "Tracking treasure down", but I like yours better.

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