Amazon’s PaaS with a Twist

If you think this is yet-another post on Platform as a Service, you’re wrong.   I’ll be talking about much simpler things here:

  • PaaS – Pasta as a Service
  • TaaS – Tea as a Service
  • GaaS – Groceries as a Service

No kidding.  Well, maybe a bit, but this is about real business – also the focus of a recent article by Fortune: Amazon’s next revolution, discussing the early days as Earth’s Biggest Bookstore, then moving on to other businesses, and now Kindle-izing our reading habits while revolutionizing the publishing industry.

So let’s talk about retail, from the consumers’ point of view, examining how Amazon changed our shopping habits and is on the way to becoming the default vendor for just about everything we buy.

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Zazzle Very Sick Today

Zazzle, the online T-Shirt business has been ill for a while.   I wanted to order my own T-shirt, but needed a slight addition to the design.  Well, it’s kinda difficult to work on the design when images are not displayed properly…smile_sad

Today Zazzle’s condition appears to have worsen: any time you try to talk to her, she just blurts out:

An error occurred on this page which may make it unusable. If this occurs please refresh the page.

I did. Refresh. She blurts again. Again.

Ouch.  Dear Zazzle, I hope you recover soon…

Update: I am not experiencing the above errors from another laptop, running XP.  But it’s not browser-specific either: on this Vista computer I run into the same problem whether using Firefox or IE7.  And yes, I cleared everything (cookies, permissions, cache) on both browsers.